Role of an R&D Engineer

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Research and development engineers create new business opportunities by researching and inventing new engineering and manufacturing methods, as well as applying new knowledge and technology to improve existing methods. In this way, they help enable greater efficiency in manufacturing and in bringing new ideas to fruition in the marketplace. Research and development (R&D) research teams may work on their own or with scientists and/or product design teams to take a product concept, create prototypes, and test completed models to ensure that the new product is functional, safe, and appealing to the target market.


Skills required for an R&D role includes:

  • strong organizational skills,
  • super analytical skills,
  • innovative approach to solving problems,
  • ability to manage time in a deadline-oriented environment and
  • the ability to conceptualize ways to invent and improve design methods.

R&D engineers usually work in large teams, with individuals focusing on specialized tasks; for this reason, it is important for the engineer to be able to effectively communicate with other team members and on an independent basis. Most of the times, engineers work during regular business hours within industrial or manufacturing plants, and the physical demands of the job can vary greatly.


Key Responsibilities of an R&D engineer are:

  • Define material properties, develop concepts, verify prototypes, create and execute clinically simulated bench tests.
  • Manage multiple project timelines, resources and responsibilities to achieve goals.
  • Verify and validate designs and transfer new products into production.
  • Transfer products designed for manufacturing throughout the development cycle and into full production.
  • Lead a design team to create and develop new products and innovations.


The minimum requirement for many R&D engineering positions is a Bachelor degree in Engineering or Technology (BE/BTech) from any vocational-technical school, community college, or university; the program should emphasize science, algebra, and trigonometry and be accredited by the All India Council of Technical Education.

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