About Us

Ideated in 2020, UpSkul is an online R&D institute that aims at up-skilling core branch engineers to turn them into Industry experts through our personalized courses and mentorship. We offer live project experience and tutorials to make fresh graduates ready for the industry. Their vision is to improve the R&D industry in India thereby creating numerous employment opportunities.

We aim to benefit

  • Graduates to learn industry-specific skills find their dream job.
  • Colleges to prepare their students for placement opportunities.
  • Companies to train their fresher and experienced employees for increased business productivity
  • Startups to build their prototype.

Message from Founder

“Having worked in design and R&D projects for several years, I realised that India lacks institutional learning in Research and development. Despite our engineers being immensely capable, they face challenges while developing new products and technologies due to limited knowledge and availability of learning resources. Most research institutes in this country are government owned having their own selection procedure that might require years of preparation.

This motivated me to start open online institute where students can learn about their desired subjects from the experts. UpSkul graduates will be able to design and develop their own products as well as work in various R&D centers. “

-Bhumika Indu