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Our Vision is to

·       Expand employment opportunities for core engineering freshers

·       Enhance students' knowledge and competency

·       Create specialists in R&D domains

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Online Courses

UpSkul is a completely online R&D Institute. Our Skill enhancement courses are accessible from all parts of the world.  With our super-lite and user-friendly Education portal you can learn anywhere and everywhere.

Vocational training

We offer Vocational training courses for college students ranging from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Each course in various different mechanical engineering domains help them prepare for upcoming placement session.


Our team of experts engage on short term and long term projects. Such engagements help startups and engineering firms to create their products.

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global faculty panel

Each of our faculty panels consist of international teams of experts, panel members are having 5-15 years of R&D experience in their domain. Learning you get here, is the result of lifetimes of experience, you won’t find these in any college or textbook.

advanced professional curriculums

Our programs are divided into three levels and each level consist of multiple courses. We cover from the basic to the most advanced levels, nothing is left untouched.

quality and content

The lessons are accompanied by live projects, practice materials, handouts, quiz and practical assignments. We can proudly say, our curriculum is unique in a way that there’s nothing like this out there.

AI based CAD solution

In addition to our online classroom, we also offer a CAD based practice tool that can help students to convert their ideas into model with the help of AI based tips and guidelines for building a technically feasible product.

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Why UpSkul?

Real design engineering careers are not CAD jobs. The team at UpSkul believes that CAD is just an additional skill that design engineers need to know in order to convert their product vision into 3D models. CAD software knowledge is just like other soft skills such as Microsoft Office, email skills, etc, and can be perfected with practice. That is why these courses are provided free of cost on their website. (Click here to check free course on Solidworks)

Most online courses are created by YouTubers or bloggers with no real experience. In the name of professional courses, many institutes like Skill-Lync, are buying course materials from industry experts and using their limited set of trainers to deliver to the students. These courses are no different from the ones in academic institutions in India. UpSkul’s courses are created as well as delivered by industry professionals working for top-notch brands. This helps students gain real-time knowledge of what’s happening in the industry.

Most online courses in Skillshare, Coursera, NPTEL, and other websites are just ppts narrated by tutors which explain definitions and examples about the given topic. UpSkul’s courses are miles ahead. UpSkul’s state-of-the-art training methods include a video demonstration, CAD assistance, AI-enabled doubt solver, and more to provide practical-based learning in a virtual environment.

Even after completion of a course, all training materials like video lectures, PDFs, PPTs, project details, etc. remain available to the student for future references. Any subject matter-related queries even in the latter part of your career are handled by UpSkul’s experts.

There is literally no other institute that helps you to work on your own personal projects (freelance/startup ideas) even after completion of your course. This is made possible by UpSkul because of the support of their mentors who are passionate to help the new generation of engineers to take R&D to the next level.

One good thing that UpSkul inherits from academia is their extreme efforts on Placements. They have a special team to help students with their resume, profiles on job websites like Linkedin, Naukri, Shine, etc.
Their esteemed network of HRs in core industries help them fetch job relevant offers for the candidates. They also have a portal for listing industry job openings. Click here to go to their job portal.

UpSkul has an online community for R&D professionals all over the world to discuss the present and future trends in their respective industries, brainstorm on innovative technologies and provide guidance to everyone in need. This community can be a perfect go-to place for every fresher who aspires to work in R&D.

What industry says about us?

"Very good and practical education given to students who wants to pursue career in automotive field."
Prannoy saha
Sr. Manager at Tata Motors
"Your efforts in engineering are appreciable."
BP Poddar
Sr. Vice President at Fatty Tuna India Pvt. Ltd.
"Very knowledgeable faculty from various domains. Short and crisp video lectures. "
sunny meghani
Sr. Engineer at Faurecia Clarion Electronics
"Good institution."
Sandy khippal
Sr. Design Engineer at Tata Technologies

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